What you’ll get out of this 4-week program:

Nourished in 30, THE PROGRAM, is designed with the busy woman in mind. It’s The Program with all the QUICK, simple, practical, real-life tips and tools in one supportive, non-judgemental place. It’s everything you need to NOURISH YOURSELF FOR LIFE. All we use is real food that you actually enjoy. Nothing fancy. Nothing complicated. Nothing expensive. No restrictions. All to feel Nourished in 30, for life.

This program is designed for you to feel EMPOWERED to take control of your personal wellness journey, SUPPORTED within the program as well as from friends and family, INSPIRED by the other beauties who are walking alongside you and of course, NOURISHED for the rest of your life.

This program is designed to compliment NOURISHED IN 30 the recipe book. If you don't yet have your recipe book you can purchase it here.

Facebook group

A supportive, non-judgemental group with live videos, recipe demonstrations, experts and more. This is where the magic happens!

Minimum prep

Each week I'll be sharing tips and tricks for meal prep, from 5 minutes to full meal prep sessions.

Customised to YOU

Rather than give you strict meal plans, your weekly menu plan is designed by YOU.

By the 30th day I want you to feel EMPOWERED to take control of your personal wellness journey, SUPPORTED within the program as well as from friends and family, INSPIRED by the other beauties who are walking alongside you and of course, NOURISHED for the rest of your life.  

The next 30 days are going to be SO EXCITING, easy to follow (although they might be a little challenging), fun and you’ll have me and the rest of us in your corner cheering you on. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

“Um I've lost 2 kilos. The scales have not moved all year. I want to hug you right now..”


“Wow this is just amazing I can't wait to get started. I love the options you have listed I know I'm going to enjoy using this. ”


What will you get?

  • Your workbook/program booklet with all the essential information you’ll need
  • Your customisable menu plan and guide with FOUR templates. THIS IS AMAZING, FYI.
  • A private and supportive Facebook group where all the magic happens
  • Weekly meal prep tips and insight into EXACTLY what I’m doing
  • Weekly LIVE chats, including Q&As, meal prep, recipes and more
  • EXPERT GUESTS (chatting about HORMONES, sharing QUICK WORKOUTS and so much more)
  • Accountability
  • My time - I’ll be there for you (sing it, you know you want to). The entire program is actually priced WAY less than TWO 30 minute sessions with me as a nutrition and health coach.

Please note that Nourished in 30 (the recipe book) is vital to this program. If you havevn't yet ordered your book please click HERE to ensure you have it before you start. If you've ordered a printed copy and it hasn't arrived in your hands just yet, please email your order number and I'll ensure you have a digital copy before we start.


Q. I'm just starting out on my wellness journey and I have a bit of weight to lose. Is this the right program for me?

YES! This is the perfect program for you. We take you step by step through the basics and give you the tools to carry with you for the rest of your life. We already have an incredibly bunch of supportive, non-judgemental women and we are 110% behind you.

If you don't feel confident sharing in the group you also have direct access to my email inbox throughout the program so you can ask annonymous questions or seek more personalised support.

Q. I'm going to be away for some of the program. Is it still suitable?

YES! The program really is designed with the busy woman in mind. I know your time is precious and that you spend what little time you have making sure those around you are happy. You've got thing do. While I wholeheartedly believe in prioritising your health in order to meet the needs of those around you, also totally get it.

The program content is yours forever. The menu plan is also yours forever. The Facebook group will remain open for a month or two after the official program so that you can go back to recipes, videos and live chats as you have time or as a need pops up.

Q. I have kids. Are there ideas for healthy kids meals too?

YES. We've created albums within the Facebook group with super quick, easy and healthy meal ideas from kids to breakfast to lunch to dinner and everything inbetween. These albums will be added to as the weeks go on and you'll be able to scroll through and select a meal any time you're strugging for ideas.

Q. What qualifications do you hold?

I personally have a Bachelor of Science majoring in Psychology (first class honours) and have years of experience working with families. I am also a Certified Nutrition and Health Coach with full registration through IICT. I'm also fully insured (super important to look for when working with a health coach).

The experts coming in to chat with you have been personally selected by me and are amazing a what they do.

Q. Do I need to purchase the recipe book to particiate in the program.

This program is an extension of Nourished in 30 so having the book is vital. If you have ordered a printed copy but it hasn't yet arrived simply email me and I will ensure you have something before we start.

The book is available in ebook and printed versions, with the ebook being cheaper and immediately accessable.

Have I missed your question? Get in touch krissy@hernourished.com

I can't wait to see you in the program!

Do you have a question? Email krissy@hernourished.com